WorldSkills Australia’s Try’aSkill program aims to encourage people to appreciate that vocational education and training can open the door to many viable career choices. The program is a unique and exciting way of promoting trades and skills to all Australians and emphasising the importance of these vocations for business, government, and society.

Participants are guided through fun hands-on activities by industry experts, allowing them to discover the different types of techniques and tools required in a large variety of trades and skills such as automotive services, building & construction, client services, computing & business, hospitality services and metals & engineering.

WorldSkills Australia’s have partnered with Learning Vault to produce a range of interactive and intuitive resources to help you and your students navigate their way through the Skills Show.

Click through to the link to the Learning Vault resources below to familiarise yourself with the various Skills Zones, Try’aSkill and Tech Hub opportunities on offer throughout the Skills Show.