WorldSkills Australia’s Try’aSkill program aims to encourage people to appreciate that vocational education and training can open the door to many viable career choices. The program is a unique and exciting way of promoting trades and skills to all Australians and emphasising the importance of these vocations for business, government, and society.

Participants are guided through fun hands-on activities by industry experts, allowing them to discover the different types of techniques and tools required in a large variety of trades and skills such as automotive services, building & construction, client services, computing & business, hospitality services and metals & engineering.


Discover your future freedom in bricklaying. If you like working with your hands, are creative and enjoy working outdoors, you should consider a Bricklaying Apprenticeship. Jobs and Apprenticeships are available for immediate start. Great opportunities to commence your career in the building and construction industry start with an Apprenticeship in Bricklaying. Come and try it out at ABBTF’s Try’aSkill where you will have the opportunity to speak with qualified bricklayers, get to lay a few bricks, seek advice and mentoring support from industry specialists.


Axalta will have a spray painting simulator on their booth creating realistic training experience prioritising hands-on practice and technique development. Virtual training provides a realistic experience without the costs of materials, consumables, prep, and/or clean up time.


Face Mapping
Face Mapping®, Dermalogica’s unique skin analysis provides insight into your skin’s past and present. A Dermalogica skin therapist uses FaceMappying® to divide the facial landscape into zones. Each zone is examined to determine where conditions such as congestion, breakouts, dehydration, and/or hyperpigmentation is present.

Skin Bar lesson
A skin lesson is an engaging coaching session targeting how to properly manage and care for their skin concerns at home


Experience exciting simulator technology at the WTIA stand in Zone B! These augmented and virtual reality training technologies are proven to be efficient and environmentally sustainable, enabling future welders to acquire the skills and the self-confidence they need before moving into real-world workshops. Welding apprentices can learn procedures and respond to realistic scenarios without pressure or fear of injury, allowing individual students to progress at their own pace.

Lincoln Electric

Lincoln Electric will be bringing their welding simulator for educational and training, recruiting and screening, the VRTEX 360. With an innovative full-scale welding table, participants will be able to practice industry welding techniques in a realistic, classroom environment. The inbuilt magnetic tracking system ensures precise measurements are taken to provide participants with feedback about their accuracy and execution of tasks performed on the VRTEX360.


From construction to communication, cables power buildings and transfer vital information all over the globe! Explore different types of cables (proudly made my Prysmian since the 1940s), and try your hand at cable stripping at the Prysmian booth located in Zone E. Of particular note are building wire flat cables which are used for lighting up houses and offices. Just amazing!


Schools will pre-book 20 – 30-minute sessions to increase student’s financial literacy. The workshops are designed to help challenge participants into understanding their personal cash flow and the knock-on effect that can come from good and bad financial decisions.
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Make your own earrings at the Pallion stand in Zone C! Get crafty with silver wire and metals to create your own wearable masterpiece in minutes, while learning more about how jewellery is made. Pallion designs, manufactures and distributes precious metal products and related services. Commencing operations in 1951, today it is the largest fully integrated precious metal services group in Australasia.

View and hold a REAL Melbourne Cup made by Pallion from 1.65kg of 18-carat gold and set on a timber base hand-turned from Australian Black Wattle, the Lexus Melbourne Cup trophy is crafted wholly in Australia. Valued at over $250,000, the trophy contains 44 pieces that are hand spun over a 250-hour production process.


A painter and decorator works both inside and outside in very diverse environments, for example in companies, factories, schools, hotels, the homes of clients and on building sites in all weather conditions. Come and chat to Dulux and find out about new designs, colours, painting, spraying and decorative techniques.


Feeling hungry? Head over to the Clubs NSW stand in Zone D to witness serving skills at their finest while sampling some yummy mini pizzas and sausage rolls by industry chefs. Service times are 10 am 12pm and 2pm each day. Established in 1926, ClubsNSW is the peak representational body for the NSW club industry.

Clubs NSW represents more than 1200 member clubs, and makes an important contribution to state and national policy direction, including the development for industry-specific legislation relating to alcohol, gambling, taxation, and industrial relations.


The Moffat group designs develop, manufactures and markets a comprehensive range of Cooking, Bakery and Meal Distribution equipment and products.

Moffat is the exclusive importer of Merrychef in Australia and New Zealand, manufactured in the UK, the Merrychef range enables fast, efficient and accurate heating, and is the leading technology in high-speed cooking, by using a very smart combination of microwave and convection technology.

The touch panel interface really makes the ovens stand out, ease of use and they also promise quicker heat up and cool down times. This flexibility supports business growth allowing rapid menu changes and additional food offering.


Plumbers have the opportunity to interact with a wide range of different people every day through new job, a new client and a new environment. Come and visit Reece in Zone B and take part in the Star Quick Challenge to see if you might like to pursue a career in plumbing.


Supagas one of the leaders in supplying Welding Equipment, Welding consumables and Shielding Gases for welding in Australia is pleased to offer Try-A-Trade, for Welding and Cutting of Metals.

Located at the front of Constructional Steel Work area the team from Supagas will be showing people how to cut metal using a portable Plasma Cutter and then re-join the metal using the MIG (Metal Inert Gas) Welding process. They will talk through the important steps of machine set-up, settings, shielding gas and wire selection, safety precautions and practical welding tips. Also on display will be a range of FabGEAR Welding Equipment that will cover most portable welding and cutting jobs!


Festo are a world leader in both Industrial automation equipment and training solutions. The Festo Mechatronics stations, which are used for World Skills, represent an industrial production facility and assist with the journey from initial learning to full scale implementation. With the push towards Industry 4.0, Festo developed a revised platform to incorporate some of the new technologies being used in the factory of the future, including RFID tracking and Augmented Reality. These technologies, along with our virtual reality walk through and one of the interactive displays from our Bionics Learning Network, will on display at World Skills.


If you have an interest in furniture and like to work on different projects throughout your career then come and chat to Felder about their state of the art technology and how innovative you can be if you decide to pursue a career In woodwork.