Interactive workshops

Commonwealth Bank Theatre

CommBank has a long-standing commitment to supporting the financial capability of Australian youth. Their education initiatives more broadly aim to teach and empower people and communities and prepare them for the workforce of the future.

Start Smart

Schools will pre-book 20 – 30-minute sessions to increase student’s financial literacy. The workshops are designed to help challenge participants into understanding their personal cash flow and the knock-on effect that can come from good and bad financial decisions.

Start Smart #1: ‘You can’t deposit excuses’

Focus: Investing

Time Investment: 20 mins

Synopsis: Exploring both the fundamentals of superannuation as well as the varied investment opportunities it presents, this workshop helps participants understand that a small effort now can have big benefit when it comes to financially investing in the future. We drive home the message of the magic of compound interest and the importance of how one can track their money when building wealth. A must-see for those who want to design the life they want.

Audience Takeaways: Using time to maximise savings, understanding the pitfalls of holding multiple Super accounts, prioritising your future self.

Start Smart #2: ‘Your Relationship with Money’

Focus: Saving and Spending

Time Investment: 20 mins

Synopsis: Are you brand-obsessed? Do you know how the Gruen Transfer affects your spending experience? How savvy are you in setting financial goals? This interactive workshop will delve into the advantages of creating positive money habits, smart goal setting, and the influences that inform the way we view, spend and save our money. Get ready to be the boss of your decisions!

Audience takeaways: Creating money milestones, understanding your relationship with money, the power of advertising.

Start Smart #3: ‘Payday’

Focus: Earning

Time Investment: 20 mins

Synopsis: Using real-life scenarios, this hands-on workshop arms participants with need-to-know info about entering the workforce. We answer the big questions here: What was Beyonce’s first job? How can Justin Beiber’s birthday help you know your rights as an employee?  Why is $18,200 a magic number? Come and find out, and gain valuable insight into pay, entitlements and navigating tricky conversations with potential and actual employers .

Audience Takeaways: Building confidence in how to ask for what you want in the workplace, deciphering financial documents.


Focus:  Build and Program Lego Robots and meet CBA’s Social Robot Chip CANdroid

Time Investment: 30 mins

Synopsis: The robotic workshops will prepare students for the future workspace by promoting active engagement that is a key part of developing critical thinking and analysis. The workshops will encourage the students to be curious, problem solve both independently and in collaboration with others.


Focus: Cyber Security

Time Investment: 1 hour

Synopsis: Do you like solving puzzles or taking things apart to see how they work? Come and learn about how these interests can translate into foundational skills in offensive cyber security. Through a guided series of ‘capture-the-flag’ challenges you will learn about fundamental concepts and also about exciting careers in cyber security.

Audience takeaways: Foundational cyber security concepts and awareness of careers in cyber security.

Spotlight Talks

From key industry professionals to current apprentices, hear from “real people doing real jobs”. Be inspired, and find out how they got to where they are now. Spotlight Talks will be taking place at different pop up locations throughout the Skills Show – look out for the lollipop signs!