Tradiebot Industries

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Tradiebot Industries is part of an industry 4.0 revolution providing automated solutions and virtual environments, as well as developing new skills and career paths for tomorrow’s smarter workforce. Our Immersability project is being developed in collaboration with Deakin University and Industry partners to bring STEM skills to life with the practical application of Virtual/Augmented Reality training and service solutions.

Our mission is to provide automated solutions and virtual environments that develop new skills and career paths in industries akin to the automotive repair and service industry. Young people are the future of industry and will become its leaders given clear vision, technology capabilities and career opportunities. We provide this pathway.

AR and VR is the future

The increasing complexity of products in the automotive/allied sectors and the amount of information required to work on them are an increasing challenge for automotive repair and service businesses.

We offer our leadership and experience in:

  • Augmented reality solutions for trainee and skilled technicians.
  • AR-powered vehicle and workshop environment interaction via smartphone and AR glasses.
  • Digital showrooms and workspaces.
  • Adaptive digital user
  • Totally mobile AR/VR service and vehicle inspections.
  • On-screen choices of internal/external vehicle car parts and accessories.

Please visit us on Stand 27 at WorldSkills Australia for your personal experience with our technology and to speak with experts about immediate career opportunities.

You can also visit us at