Supagas are proud to be partnering with WorldSkills Australia to bring Skills Show Australia 2018 to life. Supagas are supporting most activities this year by powering the gases required for the competitors in Autobody Repair, Construction Steel, Cookery, Jewellery, Plumbing, Restaurant Service, Sheetmetal, Signage, VETis Metals & Engineering and Welding

Supagas are one of the leaders in industrial gases nationwide here in Australia, supplying many trades with welding and cooking gases, for multiple applications. We also supply Welding Equipment, Welding consumables and Shielding Gases for welding in Australia and are pleased to offer Try-A-Trade, for Welding and Cutting of Metals at our stand this year.

Located at the front of Constructional Steel Work area, the team from Supagas will be showing people how to cut metal using a portable Plasma Cutter and then re-join the metal using the MIG (Metal Inert Gas) Welding process. They will talk through the important steps of machine set-up, settings, shielding gas and wire selection, safety precautions and practical welding tips.  Also on display will be a range of FabGEAR Welding Equipment that will cover most portable welding and cutting jobs!

Supagas have a NATA accredited laboratory based in Ingleburn NSW, Australia. This means we are capable of providing specific gas mixtures to suit most of your requirements if needed and are also a registered TGA gas manufacturer.

Stop by the SUPAGAS Try-A-Skill stand at the front of Constructional Steel Work area to call in and say hello to Andrew, a former World Skills champion and the welding team from Supagas.

Our gas supply range include: Welding gas, Industrial gas, Hospitality gas, Specialty gas, LPG – Forklift gas, SupaSwap (LPG 8.5kg BBQ cylinders), 210kg and bulk tanks, Medical gas, Helium gas, Balloons and Accessories and Residential gas which includes LPG 45kg & 210kg cylinders and bulk tanks

If you miss us at the stand, visit our website at or call 13 78 72 to speak to one of our representatives. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook on @supagas and Instagram @supagas to see updates on our WorldSkills Australia feature posts and more.