Five minutes with…Jacob Coppola

Jacob Coppola, Bricklaying competitor explains “I would really like to walk away with a medal around my neck.” Jacob is in his third year of his apprenticeship at North Metro TAFE and is employed by ABN Group – By the Book Bricklaying.

Jacob was introduced to WorldSkills by his boss at ABN Group and went on to win gold at the regional competition. Jacob explains that he feels “privileged and excited,” about competing at the National Championships. His time with WorldSkills can be described in three words “challenging, inspiring and rewarding,” says Jacob. In preparation for the National Championships, Jacob has been using the plans to work on projects at North Metro TAFE.

His goals for the short and long-term future are to; complete his apprenticeship, complete building ticket and run his own team. Jacob says his parents influenced and encouraged his decision to pursue a trade. Along with the enjoyment that comes from “seeing the end result of each house.” Jacob describes himself as “mature, reliable and outgoing” – all fantastic qualities for a WorldSkills competitor.

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Build a solid foundation

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